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Who Are Pathway Int'l Educational Consultancy ?

Pathway Int’l Educational Consultancy is a leading educational consultancy firm based in Nepal that provides personalized guidance and support services to students who wish to study in Finland.

Pathway International Educational Consultancy Pvt. Ltd. is established with a translucent motive to provide quality service to students whose endeavor is to earn qualification form overseas and has gained a fair amount of recognition nation-wide. Established on 2016 AD by a group of experienced, motivated and driven professionals it is trail blazed by its own goal of providing global quality service to students who aspire to perpetuate studies overseas. We are a well-recognized and aptly certified entity by the Ministry of education in Nepal that subsequently proves the authenticity of our existence and our regulatory mechanism. It is an academic hub that offers niches for the aspirants who seek for English language classes (IELTS, TOEFL, PTE) and Japanese language classes (JLPT, NAT) in order to make it to their academic destination. We are located at Sunwal, Nepal. At Pathway, we offer various academic courses of English language like IELTS, TOEFL PTE, for the aspirants to get enrolled in good colleges and universities in Australia, UK, USA, New Zealand, Canada, Denmark and Japan. Finally, we assist aspiring students to enroll in the college or university of their choice in many different locations in Australia and many other countries. We assist our students in organizing their documents for admission and further visa application. There is also a provision for scholarship and grants for eligible and brilliant students who can apply with our professional assistance.


At Pathway International Educational Consultancy, we are committed to empowering students worldwide through our customized and all-encompassing educational consultancy solutions. Our primary objective is to guide them towards academic achievement while unlocking a myriad of global prospects.

At Pathway International Educational Consultancy, we envision ourselves as a world-leading education consultancy, transforming students’ lives by unlocking their potential and charting personalized pathways to international education. Our goal is to consistently create bridges to educational opportunities across the globe, inspiring learners to explore beyond their horizons and empowering them to shape a better, more connected future through education.